32 Interviews From CSUN 2009

Below are links and contact info for the 32 interviews, conducted by
Michael Lauf, at CSUN 2009, recorded in Los Angeles California on March 20Th and 21St. This project is made possible by funding from

Serotek Corporation, www.serotek.com

E-Mail Michael Lauf With Comments and Suggestions

Listen to Atomic Learning – Tutorials for Software and Assistive Devices

www.atomiclearning.com (866) 259-6890

Listen to Audio Description Associates – ACB Initiative to Promote and Produce Described DVDs, TV Programs and Downloads

audio Description International www.adinternational.org


Listen to BookSense Audio Player/Recorder, Window-Eyes 7.1 and Qwerty Version of Braille Sense From GW Micro

www.gwmicro.com (260) 489-3671

Listen to California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) – Phones for Persons having Difficulties With Vision, Hearing, Speech, Movement or Memory

California Deaf Disabled Telecommunications Program www.ddtp.org (800) 806-1191

Listen to Graphite Canes From Revolution Advantage

www.Advantagecanes.com (800) 382-5132

Listen to Caption First – Transcription and Captioning for the Deaf

www.captionfirst.com (800) 825-5234

Listen to Cyrano Communicator – for Persons Who Can Not Speak

www.cyranocommunicator.com (800) 268-6070

Listen to DL Info – Tactile maps With Audio


Listen to DocSoft Closed Captioning Appliance

www.docsoft.com (405) 236-2466

Listen to Don Johnston Software for BookShare, and to Help Students With Reading and Writing

www.donjohnston.com (800) 999-4660

Listen to Enabling Devices – Affordable Accessible Toys and Education Tools

www.enablingdevices.com (800) 832-8697

Listen to Envision America – ID Mate speaks 2.7 Million Products and Script Talk

www.envisionamerica.com (800) 890-1180

Listen to EuroBraille 12 and 40 Cell Displays


Listen to Eye Response Eye-Tracking Systems

www.eyeresponse.com (866) 393-8722

Listen to Franklin Accessible Dictionaries

www.franklin.com (800) 525-9673

Listen to HumanWare Victor 3.0 Keysoft 8.0, Deaf-Blind Communicator, and 2 New Handheld Low-vision Products

Listen to Orator for BlackBerry Smartphones


Listen to Info Core SataLight Smart board Touch Screen

www.mysatalight.com (414) 979-0890

Listen to IRIS Talking Wi-Fi Radio From solutions Radio


Listen to Lexmark Accessible Network Printer, Copier and Scanner


Listen to Mac Speech Dictate – Persons using Voiceover will need sighted help with installation and training.

www.macspeech.com (603) 898-4111

Listen to New Products From MaxiAids Including Reading Machine, Currency Identifier, Talking Clocks and Canes

www.maxiaids.com (800) 622-5294

Listen to NetCentric Technologies – Three Products for Creating Accessible documents

www.net-centric.com (613) 270-9583

Listen to Plextor PlexTalk Pocket and PTX1 Players/recorders


Listen to Saje Technology Switch and Voice-Activated controls for Home Automation

www.sajetech.com (847) 756-7603

Listen to Self-Voicing Browser to Find Content Faster and Automate Tasks


Listen to SSB Barg Group – Section 508 and WCAG Compliance


Listen to Talks for Motorola Q9C


Listen to UBI Duo for the Deaf 2 Keyboards and Screens for 2-Way Text Communications

www.scommonline.com Voice, (816) 350-7008 TTY, 816-350-7001

Listen to View Plus Technologies Braille embossers, graphics & translation software

www.viewplus.com (541) 754-4002

Listen to Words Plus Speech-generating Devices

www.words-plus.com (800) 869-8521

Listen to ZoomText 9.18 – smooth panning, built-in scripting and Vista 64-bit support

www.aisquared.com (800) 859-0270


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