SeroTalk Tech Chat 3 – TV Through Your Computer

Listen to Third SeroTalk Tech Chat on TV Through Your Computer

The third Tech Chat briefly discussed the delay in going to all digital TV until June of 2009. We discussed the importance of using the computer to become your TV. software mentioned for this included:

and web portals including: for Full Length U.S. TV Shows anbd Movies

Worldwide Internet TV at With Links to Over 18 Million Hours of Video


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  1. petrogia says:

    Have not listened to the podcast yet. If you are a geek, read the FAQS/user guide, has good screen reader and computer skills, can open a port for port forward on your router then this maybe for you. For me the key is the satellite box I am using as it makes sound beats when going up, down, left and right with the remote control and the menus do not wrap around as they stop at the top or at the bottom. I use DirecTV service and the box is no longer made/sold by DirecTV but you can find a unit at – I use the DSR 704 from Philips which makes the sound beats. Similar to JAWS forms mode on sound that one hears on his computer. Buy a Slingbox from – or at your favorite electronic store. This hooks up with your sateillite box’s outputs to the inputs for your Slingbox and from the Slingbox’s ethernet cable to your router’s ethernet. You can call SlingMedia toll-free for more information on how to do the setup. You will aslo need to install the SlingPlayer software. I currently use SlingPlayer v. 1.5 and 2.0. You will need to know your hardware device model number and brand for me it was Philips DSR704 during the setup. Connect IR blaster from the Slingbox and place the sensors in front of your device you want to control. For me my satellite box What is so special about this you may ask? You can watch and listen to your tv anywhere in the world. Install SlingPlayer on your notebook PC or mobile phone and you got your tv signal. You need broadband connection and a good upload stream wherevery your Slingbox is hooked up. The SlingPlayer software comes with many keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+m to toggle the sound on or off, to change a channel you use the numbers row on your keyboard. If you have a DVR like I do I can hear those sound beats through my computer’s speakers and navigate to the “now playing list” to find my DVR recorded shows and play those shows while I am not home. So you are asking how can you record a season pass or series (record all your favorite shows) with a DVR? I use DirecTV’s DVR scheduler on the internet by using the simple interface they have for mobile phone users at
    The only negative I have with all this is when you run SlingPlayer software along with a screen reader you still cannot hear JAWS read what is actually on your screen. The actual tivo menus, program guide nor buttons. It acts similar to remote desktop – invisible. It would be cool if the screen reader could read my DVR’s menu through my SlingPlayer. I’ve had this for over 3 years now. The DVR scheduler via the internet came sometime in late 2008.

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