Seventh SeroTalk Podcast With Highlights From ATIA 2009

Listen to Highlights From the 2009 ATIA Conference in Orlando – One Hour

With 35 interviews totaling over three hours of audio, there were many interesting exhibits. We therefore encourage you to listen to those segments listed below.

We spoke with Microsoft about the beta of Windows7.

We included 7 segments here we believe to be of interest to the greatest number of listeners. They included:

American Printing House for the blind

Larry Skutchan showed a new 18 cell braille display that works with PCs as well as cell phones via bluetooth. He announced the software update to the Braille Plus with support for braille displays, podcast application, and an internet radio tuner based on

GW Micro

talked about Window-eyes 7, notetakers, and a forthcoming audio player.


showed a device allowing audio narration of tours that automatically speak relevant info based on the room you have just entered.

talked about the latest update for their Icon with braille display support, podcast application and internet radio tuner.

presented two new magnifiers that were the talk of the exhibit among those needing enlargement, docuent storage, the ability to see objects both near and far away, and the ability to scroll documents.

Perkins Products

talked about the next generation Perkins Brailler. Priced at $650, its half the weight of the original, comes in your choice of three colors, better paper guide to prevent jamming or crooked paper, better-placed handle, and better keys.

Finally, Jim Fruchterman, founder of

talked about an effort to improve universal access using web-based technology. read more at

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