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Laine is an assistive technology specialist in Idaho, with an emphasis in environmental accommodation and training professionals working with children and adults who experience vision loss or blindness. As a part of the culminating project in her masters program in assistive technology and human services Laine worked with class mates to create the Google Web App instructional materials at and is working on developing new content for the site.

DocuScanPlus First Thoughts on V3

There are many OCR options available on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, hardware and software configurations, variety of features and prices. In the end, they all provide electronic text that can be access with through built-in … Continue reading

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My Crystal Ball Repaired

In a recent SeroTalk Extra I joined Mike Matt, hope and Derick for a roundtable discussion of smart watches, home automation and the future of the PC. I learned my lesson – BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! Including Mike to interrupt … Continue reading

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Leadership and Professionalism: Key Qualities

What makes someone a leader or a professional? Is it their ability to aspire and motivate subordinates? Is it a specific set of skills or knowledge? Perhaps, or perhaps it is far more. I think ultimately the definitions are subjective … Continue reading

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The Argument for Becoming Multi Access Tech-Savvy

There is a lot of discussion out there regarding which screen reader and operating system combination is best. Each camp has their arguments, and honestly I can’t disagree, to adimently, with any of them. The thing is, in my experience, … Continue reading

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