A DocuScan Plus Endorsement

We regularly receive positive feedback from satisfied customers. Every now and then we pick out some of these unsolicited testimonials to share with you since their words will mean a lot more than our own biased opinions. In that spirit, here is one noteworthy message from one of our DocuScan Plus users, reprinted with permission:

Greetings From Your New Biggest Fan;

My name is Ryan Eversole and I have been using accessibility software since 1997 or so. I have been a beta tester for Dolphin SuperNova for nearly a decade now, I have done beta testing for ZoomText from the time they rolled out a 64-bit solution until present and I have even done beta testing for JAWS.

Beyond that I am the only approved trainer within about 100 miles of my home town for ClaroSoft products like Lightning and Thunder.

Additionally, despite my visual impairment I work full time as both a fully licensed California insurance agent and an I.T. Manager/Consultant. In my spare time I am actually building an invention that is guaranteed to bring blind and low vision mobility and independence to the next level. At present I am working on prosecuting my patent so for obvious reasons I cannot go too far into that piece of my life.

I am bringing all of this up because I wanted it to be clear that when I say I am absolutely floored at how awesome Sero is it is clear that I have worked with the most expensive solutions and I have been actively using assistive technology for a multitude of professional solutions for years now. I can honestly say with 100% certainty Serotek has created an excellent and amazing suite that is at very least comparable to the big, expensive solutions. The fact that I can subscribe for $240/year to Access Anywhere [now known as Sero Premium] means that it would take about 5 years to cost me as much as the initial purchase of SuperNova or ZoomText Fusion. Calculating for the rolling update model Windows has come up with now this means version upgrades that cost money will have to become significantly more frequent, so let’s throw in another $150 every other year, this means that it will likely take 8 years to match in the cost. During those 8 years however I will happily be taking advantage of a much better product with much better solutions.

Case and point SuperNova and their Book Shelf product, it takes 2-5 minutes to OCR a document and convert it into HTML and half of the time the document formatting is completely lost. Not to mention that this is just processing an existing PDF, not including time to scan the document. I was impressed to the point of being a giddy little school girl the first time I dropped 5 pages in my old scanner feeder and ran DocuScanPlus since it took under 1 minute to do everything… To say I was amazed at its speed and accuracy is completely an understatement, I was shocked and to be perfectly honest I was very upset.

My anger was in no way directed at Serotek, but at the corporate giants making money hand over fist from every Department of Rehabilitation office or similar office around the world. How is it that these giants can keep delivering a sub-par product but keep being glorified as if their solution is really a full featured and well-rounded solution? In all honesty I had no idea that Serotek had evolved it’s solutions so rapidly and so far, but none the less I am ecstatic to be aware of it now.

Are you interested in sharing your own feedback? We’re always glad to hear from you! Your questions, concerns, and suggestions on DocuScan Plus or any of our other productivity tools in our Sero suite of products are always encouraged.

And, stay tuned. We’ve been laying low for a bit, but discussion of upcoming projects is on its way…

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Joe Orozco is the Communications Director for Serotek Corp. He is also Managing Director for AlphaComm Strategies. When he isn't writing web pages, proposals, and online marketing materials for social and commercial entrepreneurs, he enjoys reading and writing about technology, financial management, and strategic planning. Follow Joe on Twitter @ScribblingJoe
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