From the Staff Files: Cinderella and her Grant Adventure

The following comes from our newest member in the Serotek family, Rhonda Partain. By all accounts she is exactly the primary company voice we needed on the other end of the main telephone line. We have heard great things, and here are her observations as both a staff member and user of our technology:

By now I am sure most of the people who call Serotek know my voice. I’m Rhonda Partain the customer service-sort of tech person you talk to when you forget your user name or want to change your password. I had almost given up hope of finding a job. I had come to the sad realization that fairy Godmothers are only make believe. I guess halfheartedly I had hope one would appear and say some cute magical phrase that rhymes of course and I’d be blessed with a job I would love.

Well, perhaps she was on strike. She never showed up. Yet it turns out persistence really does pay off in the end. I am so glad that Mike Calvo and Michael Fox thought I’d be good at this job. I am grateful they took a chance and hired this girl from Georgia who loves to talk, but who listens just as well. It is awesome to work for a company whose product is one you would purchase and use yourself.

Technology is changing daily it seems. How many of you remember those manual typewriters, finding and hiring readers, typing papers for school and forgetting what you last wrote? I have often felt a bit sad as I looked at all the new technology at trade shows and conferences for the blind. It was fun to play with for a few minutes; it was fun to imagine just how great it would be if I had won the lottery and could purchase it. I felt sort of like Cinderella who knew midnight was coming. She could enjoy one more dance but in the end she’d be back scrubbing the ashes from the fireplace.

Well, I bring you all good news. You need no longer wish for a fairy Godmother, you need not wish for a rich uncle to die so you can win the lottery. Thanks to Serotek the future is affordable. You can have technology that runs on your iPhone or android, or Mac. You don’t have to give it back. Isn’t that great?

The future is exciting; don’t be terrified of change, get Sero-fied and come join the party. I feel like a kid at Christmas when I think of the future. What secret presents are hidden away in Serotek’s closet?

Change is a bit scary at first. I upgraded to Windows 10 and I am still here to tell about it. Change is a good thing; just say that to yourself. You won’t crash your hard drive or anything like that, Serotek comes up talking when the upgrade is through. Sero may look a bit different too. Internet Explorer is used instead of the Samnet browser, but it’s not hard to figure out.

Would I lie to you? Well, if you asked me about my weight, my age, or how much money I have in the bank I might, but I swear by all the chocolate in the world Sero is wonderful. Seeing is believing. If you feel worried about anything, if you have concerns, I am only a phone call away. I love helping others; I may not always know the answer but I am resourceful and I will find it out.

I enjoy working with all the staff here at Serotek. A special thanks goes to Brian who mostly has to listen to me; I think Matt is simply amazing how anyone can write all of the code needed to have zero work on multiple platforms is just mind boggling to me. I could hardly figure out when the two trains would collide in Algebra class.

We live, we learn, we grow. Life is a grand adventure!

About Joe Orozco

Joe Orozco is the Communications Director for Serotek Corp. He is also Managing Director for AlphaComm Strategies. When he isn't writing web pages, proposals, and online marketing materials for social and commercial entrepreneurs, he enjoys reading and writing about technology, financial management, and strategic planning. Follow Joe on Twitter @ScribblingJoe
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