RWF 39: Learn about USABA

Listen to RWF 39: Learn about USABA
This is a very special RWF. First of all it’s the final show for 2015.  I want to take some time off to just enjoy the holidays and recharge.  Second its very special because of my guests!  Today I have the pleasure of chatting with two representatives of the The United States Association of Blind Athletes.
This is a fantastic organization dedicated to promoting fitness and sports for the blind community. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Kevin’s athletic backround
  • Disabled and “abel bodied” athletes  competing side by side
  • USABA and the millitary
  • The National Fitness Challenge

Facebook: United States Association of Blind Athletes
Twitter: @USABA1
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Kevin Brousard
Membership & Outreach Coordinator
Courtney Patterson
Marketing & PR Manager
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