Serotek on TekTalk and New Announcements!

Tis that season for tech announcements big and small. Here at Serotek Matt and Mike have been in the basement putting touches on some of our popular products, and we think you’re going to like what we have in store.

Peak your interest a little? Well, suffice to say we are coming out with our own take on the Windows 10 experience. Why should you spend time stumbling about the intricacies of a new operating system, when you could…Oh, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

You know, one thing we’ve always been proud of at Serotek is the way we’ve pushed the envelope on our slogan, accessibility anywhere. For our team it’s never been just another cute tagline. It’s been the centerpiece of our innovation, as early as the release of the iBlink Radio app, and now, with all the competing platforms and ecosystems, it’s even more important to meet you on the device and operating system that suits your lifestyle. And, why not introduce a few new features along the way? So, we are going to…

I know, that’s getting annoying, isn’t it?

Well, tell you what, why not join us Monday, November 16 at 8:00 PM over on Accessible World’s TekTalk. Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell will be on hand to discuss some upcoming announcements you won’t want to miss!

Again, we’ll see you Monday, November 16 at 8PM Eastern. Follow this link to tune in:

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  1. Rhonda Partain says:

    This sounds very interesting!! I’ll be there.

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