RWf33: Krista Scott Dixon -From Academia To Nutrition Coach

Listen to RWF 33: Krista Scott Dixon -From Academia To Nutrition Coach

Krista Scott-Dixon finished her PhD in 2002. She taught at York University and did a brief stint in public health, publishing three books along the way. She escaped academia altogether in 2008 (and never looked back).
she currently serves as the Lean Eating Program Director at Precision Nutrition. She’s coached three cohorts of the Lean Eating program, helping hundreds of women get and stay fit and healthy.
She’s run Stumptuous, a noncommercial, no-BS website for women’s weight training, since 1996.
In this in depth and informative conversation we discuss:

  • Discovering womans bodybuilding
  • Her personal physical transformation
  • Transforming is great but maintaining it is the bigger challenge
  • Eat well but don’t miss  out on what life has to offer
  • Fitness should be fun
  • Why she started her website
  • Finding your tribe
  • Emotional eating
  • You can binge eat BUT eat slowly
  • The “screw it” moment

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  1. ron fellows says:

    Another great interview Bill Kociaba, I have been enjoying all of your shows and the last three have been high caliber interviews with high caliber women, please keep up the great work, from a big fan, Ron Fellows

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