RWF 30: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete

Listen to RWF 30: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete
Juliet Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit  in 2005 with her husband Kelly.  A lifelong athlete, Juliet launched her competitive sports  career in high school when her rowing team won the Californian State Championship.  From there, Juliet rowed competitively at UC Berkeley and went on to paddle for the US Women’s Whitewater Team, winning two World Championships and five national titles.  In 2010, Juliet competed in the CrossFit Games.
Before turning her attention to San Francisco CrossFit full-time, Juliet had a successful career as an attorney.
When she is not at the gym, Juliet enjoys spending time with their two daughters Georgia and Caroline, paddling, skiing, reading, and being outside.
Some of the topics we cover in Pt. 1 of this super high energy interview include:

  • The coolest summer job ever
  • Advertisers wanted them to “wipe out”
  • Avoiding a “real job” taught her so much
  • Training for white water
  • Law school
  • Discovering Cross Fit
  • Making it a successful business

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