SeroTalk: Behind-the-Scenes Edition

Download SeroTalk: Behind-the-Scenes Edition or use the audio player below to tune in.

Have you ever been curious about the magic that goes into creating a podcast? We thought some of you might be, so before SPN completes its revamp of the old format, we thought we’d give you a rare glimpse of our virtual studios.

Coming up: The history, the mechanics, and the people responsible for making the SeroTalk Podcast what it became.

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About Joe Orozco

Joe Orozco is the Communications Director for Serotek Corp. He is also Managing Director for AlphaComm Strategies. When he isn't writing web pages, proposals, and online marketing materials for social and commercial entrepreneurs, he enjoys reading and writing about technology, financial management, and strategic planning. Follow Joe on Twitter @ScribblingJoe
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3 Responses to SeroTalk: Behind-the-Scenes Edition

  1. Gary Crow says:

    I liked this podcast a lot. Thanks for producing and sharing it.

  2. Brad Dunse says:

    A nice look at behind the scenes backgrounds, thoughts, and considerations.

    A performing songwriter by hobby, and an audio dabblest by spell, I both know the tedious efforts in removing a pop, click, breath or artifact out of an audio file; and the geeky, internal, celebratory enthusiasm on the finished result.

    Just listened to a couple voice over bits I did for grins years back, .They were fun to do, but, eeew. I could use training sometime. When I have MORE time.

    I know you were compensated, But thanks for letting pride in your work set the bar guys and gals.

    The audio drama could be a really cool thing. SPN’s original production of a Downton Abbey type in sleep shades? lol.

    Left Behind becomes Sight Behind.

    Perhaps we have some creative script writers in the hood here to put a cast of radio actors to work, or I know of one blind consumer org who has a writers group.

    Heck, even our own Oe-J, Orozco-A, is a creative writer. Hard name to put in Pig Latin though Joe. And I thought my last name was bad enough not pronounced Dunzey with voice synths.

    What about a continuation of what The Blind Handyman use to produce? I still wonder what my neighbors thought when the neighborhood blind guy rented a Skidster and started digging up his backyard to put in a pool. But we swam in it, and I didn’t run over the family pet or anything putting it up.

    Maybe Dale, the blind cooking guy?

    A community source podcast of life tips?

    Anyway, nice job.

  3. Dominique says:

    Hi guys, it’s Dominique again. Just got through listening to the podcast and the Blindbargains podcast ep 27 you guys just did, and I as well, know what it entails to have to delete a pop, click, unwanted fan noises etc. Hell, I’ve tweaked little headset microphones to make them sound like the big time condenser microphones, simply because I had too much time on my hands to do too.When I hird myself on the podcast, I thought it was gonna be the AM Talk 0 thing I commented on lol! I still love how you put that together Derrick, hahaha. I am about to get Protools on MacOS and when I do, I’d really love to be able to join you guys with the AudioEditing and production, and some times appear behind the mic with the hosts as I’ve wanted too a few years ago when Tripple click home was around and stuff. I was like you too and use to take tape players and overlap them to make other copies of my voice and that’s how then, I started to learn more about multi tracking in a real studio. I use to use Sound recorder with Windows Media Player, Narrator, or JAWS with Stereo mix and a headset microphone or little cheep mic you plugin to the computer’s linen jack and play a track over itself and use the pan slider in Windows media to pan my vocals like you’d now do in Reaper, Adobe Audition or any other DAW. Of course, my main DAW would still be Sonar, as with CakeTalking, the Audio Editing portion would be much better to manage, and you get lot’s of info with the CT Jaws scripts that I’m not sure you can get with Reaper as easy. Sonar before Sonar X1 is still a great DAW to use and latest version of JAWS. I love Reaper, but as well, I wish that there was a way to get SystemAccess under the hood Access with AudioEditing software besides ReAccess outdated script, with other software. That would be great. For what it’s worth, though Reaper is a really good audio editing program though. I’m working with it on the Mac here some what and it works too. The Audio Drama thing is really great though. I’ve wanted to produce/be in one and be a voice actor for one myself. That would be something we could do here. Like the Leviathan Chronicles on iTunes, the AudioDrama Podcast is really good and I think it would be a hit if Serotek did something like that. Anybody want to get a hold of me, or twitter is @raywonder and site is above. It’s kind of broken a little bit but does work for contacting me as well. I’m a Muzitian and sing too and if you’d like to hear tracks I’ve produced, or sung on, visit my SoundCloud.

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