Meet and Greet with Bill Kociaba

Have you ever had questions about general fitness, but you didn’t know who you could ask or where would be an appropriate place? Do you think that you pretty much know what there is to know, but you might have some questions anyway? You’ll have the chance to get all those answered and more, and to listen to Bill kociaba, of the Real World Fitness podcast give a live question and answer. It’s Bill’s turn to be interviewed this time. Bill has done everything from body-building to weight loss, over the last 35 years, so he most certainly knows a thing or two. If that isn’t enough check out Bill’s web site for even more interesting articles. If this interests you, come to the lobby on Wednesday, August 5th at 7 Pm Eastern using your Samnet client. If you do not have an account and you wish to sign up, you can grab the software and sign up for a trial and see what all Samnet has to offer. We, and most especially Bill, look forward to seeing you there.

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