RWF 15: Bob Backlund, SuperFitAt 66

Listen to RWF 15: Bob BacklundSuperFitAt 66
Bob Backlund www.backlundenergy.comholds the distincshon   of having one of the longest uninterrupted title reigns of any World Wide Wrestling Federation champion. He held the title from February of 1978 until December, 1983!
Throughout his30+ year career in the wrestling ring he maintained an incredible level of physical conditioning and was always considered to be one of the most fit people in the business. On more than one occasion he demonstrated his fantastic condition by exercising nonstop throughout an entire one hour TV wrestling program.
In this interview we focus on the early years of his life and how he got into such fantastic shape and how he maintains it today at age 66
Some of the highlights include:


  • Wrestling since fifth grade
  • Why he refused to attend the university of Mn.
  • Creating his own training methods and equipment
  • His first exposure to prro wrestling
  • Danny Hodge
  • Good enough to wrestle without attending practice
  • Playing in the Rose Bowl
  • Breaking into pro wrestling
  • Sleeping in his car
  • One of the longest WWWF title reigns ever
  • His exact training program
  • How he trains today
  • 8 hours of the step test
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Bob’s diet

In addition to the interview with Bob we  introduce a new feature with my friend Lisa, who will be sharing some interesting information on various health related topics from time to time.

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