RWF 12: Laurel Blackburn Super Strong Nana

Listen to RWF 12: Laurel Blackburn Super Strong Nana
Bill’s guest this week is Laurel Blackburn Laurel is the owner of Tallahassee Kettlebells  and the Tallahassee Strength Club.   
Laurel has been afitness leader in her local  community  for the past ten years and has been featured on CNN as well as such major publications as Woman’s Health and Oxygen.            Laurel has numerous fitness certifications to her credit and constantly strives to learn more so she can be an even greater service to her clients.
Some of the highlights of our conversation include;

  •  Discovering Kettlebells.
  • Starting her “Bootcamp” business.
  • Being a part of the community.
  • Recognizing the value of making adaptions for “special needs” clients.
  • Learning from her clients.
  • Her first certification.
  • The RKC difference.
  • Z health.
  • Don’t let your age inhibit you.
  • Check out laurel’s blog 

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