RWF 4: An interview with fat loss expert Josh Hillis

Listen to RWF 4: An interview with fat loss expert Josh Hillis

JOSH HILLIS is a nutrition coach who specializes in habits-based, positive his popular fitness and fat-loss blog, has tens of thousands of regular readers, and his fat-loss and kettlebell-training e-books have helped people reach their personal goals for more than 10 years. Josh is currently the head coach at PowerHour Group Personal Training in Denver, Colorado. He recently collaborated with legendary fitness author Dan John on the new book FAT LOSS HAPPENS ON MONDAY.

I recently caught up with Josh between clients to conduct this fun interview:

  • How he got started
  • Finding his niche
  • Learning from his clients
  • His first E-book
  • Changing priorities
  • Last to be picked for sports as a kid
  • The value of a great coach/teacher
  • RKC vs SFG
  • Studying with Alwin Cosgrove
  • How the book came about
  • The importance of developing habits
  • It’s really not complicated
  • Little changes can make huge differences
  • Dan John + Laree Draper + Josh =
  • Working with Dan
  • The future
  • Random rambling about our personal fitness heroes
  • Hearing the author reading his own words

Josh is one of the most enthusiastic (and likeable) people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. His genuine love for what he does shines through whenever he speaks. We went off on several tangents during this interview simply because we were having a great conversation about something we both really love. I left it all in so you can get a deeper feeling for who we both really are.

If your goals are fat loss focused I can’t recommend this book highly enough, and if you are in the Denver area and are looking for a trainer, get in contact with Josh! Josh!

Click here to order FAT LOSS HAPPENS ON MONDAY

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