SeroTalk 225: Mirror Mirror

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Joe, Katie, and Laine are back at it again. Steve is still very much a part of the family but is shifting over to anchor a different project at SPN.

Speaking of SPN, thank you to Audible for their continued sponsorship of the Network. Joe recommends you read They Thirst by Robert McCammon, which you could get for free via

Recently in Tech News

Here were the recent tech stories that made headlines:

Google talks about offering its own cellular service

HBO Now” coming this spring for $15 per month, with Apple as launch partner

Apple Watch will have ‘thousands’ of apps

Apple’s medical research app raises hopes, questions

Smartphone dead? Fuel cells offer instant power anywhere

Android 5.1 arrives with HD calling and safeguards for stolen phones

Would You Pay $499 for Medium-Rare Steak That Cooks Itself?

A T Pulse

Lots of news in the assistive tech industry. Don’t forget to check out Joshua Loya’s coverage of CSUN 2015. Among other news:

MathPlayer 4 Public Beta is Released

Introducing AT Prime!

Breeze + coming soon this Spring

Bluetooth beacons are helping the blind navigate London’s Tube

San Fransisco International Airport Demonstrates indoor navigation system for Visually impaired passengers

Finger-mounted reading device for the blind

What’s Next looks at drawing equipment for the blind

Human Interest

And then there’s the human interest pieces that usually make for colorful commentary.

Straight To Audiobook: Authors Write Original Works Meant To Be Heard

Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Scott to star in My Blind Brother Shortly after this episode released, Laine published a blog post going into more detail on the subject, which you can read here.

Former Prison May Become Home For Adults With Special Needs

The afternoon I spent as an adult with special needs

A Scientist Accidentally Developed Sunglasses That Could Correct Color Blindness

Science proves men are more narcissistic than women

From the Mailbag

In addition to iReports played in the show, here are some e-mails we received.

From Christopher:

*”I wanted to thank Laine for encouraging me to take a second look at Google apps accessibility. I have, using the resources you all provided finally ditched Outlook for email and am using the Gmail standard interface full time, and enjoying it very much. I’m taking more tentative steps into Google’s office-like products, but expect to at least achieve competence with them over the next couple of months as another tool in my toolbox. I appreciate the pointers and the impetus to explore this again.

Finally, I am enjoying the renaissance of Serotalk. Along with the Blind Bargains content hosted by former Serotalk members, I am enjoying the greater variety of perspectives on AT and related issues that all of you are providing. I’m looking forward to what you all will think of next.”


And from Jenine:

*”Thanks for the discussion about cord cutting. I’m curious as to which internet and phone providers you all chose.

I need to have a land line for private use though I have considered just having the cell. My husband is wanting to get rid of his land line and just go with his cell.

Anyway, I’m looking into the Apple TV and am adding up costs. right now our cable bill keeps creeping up. It’s at $170 a month which is outrageous for the amount of TV we watch. I’m not convinced that the internet service or land line phone service is that great either.

Keep up the great work!”


Jenine also asked about alternatives to the Samsung Haven. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please post them in the Comments here.

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One Response to SeroTalk 225: Mirror Mirror

  1. Brad Dunse says:

    Nice job guy and gals. Love the quick headlines and short commentary on tech stuff, including opinions and concerns of listeners, and also the human interest topics. Great format.

    As for cutting the cord. I’m not a TV person for decades now other than the odd occasion. I just don’t find anything worthwhile to watch that is more important than running or growing my business, spending time with my sweetie, or doing outdoor recreational activities.

    I refuse to pay huge bucks for cable of which I might watch a couple channels of interest. To tell the truth? I’ll tune into TV shows and movies here on SAMNet when I get an urge to be entertained by Hollywood.

    I dumped my land line probably 8-years ago? Savings of over $4,100. I run my business off my cell phone. And yeah, in the event the solar storms torch the magnetic fields and knock out our satellites and cells, I won’t be making business calls just then. The thing is, I doubt my customers will either at that point.

    Dumping the land line was painless and put an extra $43 in my pocket each month. The only concern I had at the time was FAX possibilities, but no one uses FAX anymore anyway, and there are cell FAX options or the local convenience store for that matter if it ever came up… It never posed an issue all these years.

    I get all the news I need off of sources like NFB Newsline, or other on-line sources as my local paper is not on Newsline, maybe a Twitter feed. There’s plenty of sources out there.

    If cutting the cord is a mental wrestling match? My view is, if it’s that much a concern? One must have some valid reasons, try it. If it doesn’t work out? It’s not a permanent decision anyway, they’ll be glad to hook you back up again, possibly at an intro rate even.

    Keep up the good work here! I know these podcasts don’t form without behind the scenes work we can take for granted while listening in.

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