Help friends and family with PC woes. It’s easy and cheap too!

Have you ever needed an easy way to remotely get someone out of a pickle with their PC?

Do you wish it was possible to remotely access your friend’s PC regardless of their choice of screen reader? Or even, gasp, remotely help a sighted friend or family member?

Have you found yourself wishing the solution could be as intuitive as it is affordable?

Since 2007, Remote Incident Manager (RIM) has been a reliable solution for assistive technology trainers and tech support providers seeking to provide assistance computer to computer, and in its latest iteration, remote assistance is easier and more affordable than ever for everyone from the tech know-it-all to the green novice.

We’re rolling out RIM day passes, and here’s how we roll.

For the person offering help:

  1. Buy a day pass from us. No sense in shelling out hundreds of dollars if you only need remote access every now and then, right?

  2. Download and run a small program on your PC to start the remote session.

  3. The program will give you a 9 digit code you will share with that PC user in need.

For the person receiving help:

  1. Head over to, then download and run a small program to set up the remote connection.

  2. When prompted, enter the 9 digit code you got from your techno-savior. Press Enter and presto! You’re connected.

If the computer has to be rebooted, don’t worry; the connection will come back on its own. So no matter how many of those annoying reboots are required while whipping that stubborn PC into submission, you’ll both remain connected through it all. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

RIM is compatible with all major Windows screen readers, on both computers. If you’re helping someone who isn’t running a screen reader, then our very own System Access will run in a special mode where you hear the speech but the other person doesn’t. Yes! This means that it’s now practical for you, a blind computer professional, to remotely help your sighted friends, family, and clients. Aren’t you amazing?

While we know you’re a tech genius, you’ll find helpful instructions all along the way. It’s so easy it doesn’t need any documentation. We do all the magic for you. And besides, why would we want you tearing apart our documentation and telling us how you would have written it differently?

So, the big question is, of course, how much will this all cost? How about five bucks to get someone out of deep doo-doo? But don’t procrastinate on helping your friend or relative with that pesky PC problem, because after 30 days, the price will go up to $14.95. Which still isn’t much money if you’re up the creek without a paddle.

We’re also sharing the love with our loyal RIM subscribers by slashing our subscription prices in half. Now for just $49.95 a month or $499 a year, you can help your friends, family, and customers with those vexing PC problems at any time, or even train someone else to become a tech god, just like you, if that were possible. And if you’re not yet a RIM subscriber, there’s no better time to get started, because now you don’t even have to pay that annoying $199 setup fee anymore. So now you’ll have money for therapy when you just can’t figure out why Aunt Tillie is having so much trouble watching Facebook videos of her grandkids on her 5-year-old PC. Or just buy her a tablet and still have some money left for yourself.

So come on, take a walk on the wild side! If you’re ready to take on the challenge of becoming a one-person PC tech support department, sign up now!

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