SeroTalk 224: Red World Z

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The new team is back for its round 2 of the SeroTalk Podcast!

This episode was brought to you by the good folks over at Audible. Want to get your free audiobook download? Laine recommends The Escape by David Baldacci. Download it or your own choice of audiobook at

PC Talk

We discuss Lenovo’s Superfish security snafu. It’s hard to tell whose fault it is what with all the finger pointing. For some helpful tips on cleaning your new laptop, and not just Lenovo, check out this helpful article from Wall Street Journal.

Thankfully, not all is gloom and doom in PC land. Microsoft is making Windows 10 free to Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows Mobile 8.1 users. Are you on the fence about upgrading to Windows 10 when it finally releases? You might be enticed with the New TTS voices. Check out more improvements to Cortana at the Windows Weekly podcast.

Also check out Cool Blind Tech for more on breaking in Windows from an accessibility perspective.

Even if you choose not to enjoy the new OS in its native environment, you may find certain popular Microsoft apps in the Samsung S6 as part of a joint effort, of sorts. Not so much into Android? Okay, here’s info on the preview for your Windows phone.

A Bite of Apple

In Apple news, the Cupertino giant is fighting iOS bugs with their first-ever iOS Public Betas. Jonathan Mosen says this is great start, but only part of the solution.

You know what does make for a wonderful solution, on the iPad? Microsoft Word! Check out this article on Accessibility in Word for iPad.

And if you want to read a little more about other Apple app goodness, tricks and tips, check out this helpful website.

The Internet Debate of Things

Even though there has been an FCC ruling on the subject of net neutrality since we recorded this episode, you can read about that ruling here, it’s unlikely the matter has been entirely settled. Read Robert Kingett’s take on how the issue affects persons with disabilities.

How long have you told yourself you are finally going to cut your cable and save yourself a lot of money? This diary Of A cord cutter just might lay out some compelling reasons why it might be time to give it serious consideration. Don’t forget to read parts 1 and 2 in what is so far a 3-part series.

Accessibility Talk

We like doing what we can to save you money. Hence, it was perfect timing for Jeff Young to offer this piece on keeping pace with modern adaptive technology on a very low budget.

Of course, one thing that will not cost you any money unless you donate, and you should, is the latest release candidate of NVDA 15.1.

So, think of this for a moment: Will tech put an end to disability? Some in the disability community disagree with leaps in that kind of human engineering. Others wish they could obtain it but find the process too bureaucratic and/or expensive. In the case of one mother, she defied the status quo and created a Groundbreaking Tool for People With Visual Impairments.

Speaking of low vision, our very own Laine Amoureux was featured in a Women’s Health article discussing what it’s like living With low vision.

CSUN 15 will be in full swing by the time you probably read this. Sendero will be in attendance with special deals for attendees.

Human Interest

Did you hear about the new study that says it’s okay to skip the gym and go straight to the pub? This item quickly imploded at recording time, but rather than edit, we offer it in most of its raw goodness.

On a more serious note, what would you do if you knew you only had a few months to live? This gentleman says it’s “my own life and gives us lots to put into perspective.

On the other hand, Mars One, a dutch company, says We’re all going to die, but it’s important what you do before you die.


The mailbag comes bearing feedback from Episode 223! In addition to an iReport from Ben and an audio response from Hartgen Consultancy in response to our coverage of J-Say, the mailbag brings this:

From Twitter, this comes to us via Adrian, who tweets: I was just listening to the newest @serotalk podcast.I really enjoyed the newest epasode of it.

kaveinthran tweets: @SeroTalk new voices,new shape and new host, makes serotalk, appealing

Eden Kizer tweets: @SeroTalk Good job, but as for Be My Eyes, some people don’t have a lot of family or friends they can just facetime.

Finally, Rachel Keyte tweets: I decided to have a bit of a listen to the Serotalk podcast and even though the prev team sounded great, I like this new sound a lot. 🙂

Tony and Tina Sohl, via SAMNet, write:

Hi we would like to express our appreciation for the hard work the staff has been doing in this time of transitioning. First, the content team has worked very hard in updating described movies and TV shows. In the past several weeks, we have noticed a lot of material has been added such as TV shows and movies. Second, the SPN (Serotek Pod cast Network.) We like the new shows including Triple Click home and the most recent pod cast. Third, the Customer Portal is very easy to work with. In Conclusion, everyone at Serotek is doing a wonderful job and keep up the good work!

Also via SAMNet, Scott V writes:

podcast 223 I thought it was wonderful. The content was good, and also the audio quality was fabulous. Not to loud, just right. Thank you. Scott

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