SeroTalk Podcast 212: Throw Darts At a Bug

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 212: Throw Darts At a Bug

Join Jamie, Ricky and Joe for this week’s edition of the podcast where they sip Apple juice and talk about all things iOS 8. If you’re tired of hearing about Apple, never fear; there are other stories in this week’s show as well. After the news, Buddy Brannan visits with Jim Gashel about the new release of the KNFB Reader app for iOS. Stories covered in this week’s podcast include:

National Federation of the Blind Applauds Release of KNFB Reader iPhone App

iOS 8 Adoption Lags Behind Past Upgrades — So Far

What’s New in iOS 8 Accessibility for Blind, Low-Vision, and Deaf-Blind Users

The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 8: From Serious To Minor

Apple Confirms HealthKit Bug, Promises Fix by End of September

BlindSquare: Acapela Voices Temporarily Not Available in iOS 8

Braille Moves Forward in iOS 8

Apple TV updated w/ Beats Music channel, refreshed design, Family Sharing, & iCloud Photos

new Victor Reader 2 Update now live

New audio channel makes fashion accessible for people with disabilities

Fred Gissoni

Code Factory becomes global! Check our new website

New TalkBack for Android released. Check the release notes to see what’s new

New Kindle Voyager docking soon

New Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The 3MT Reader Android app is a simple, intuitive way for blind users to read epub and txt books

Microsoft confirms Windows 9 event for September 30, Technical Preview to follow soon after

The new Ken Burns PBS series, The Roosevelts available on the Web with Audio description


Intel Unveils Connected Wheelchair

The 12-y.o. Hero Behind the Lego-Braille Printer: A Not Impossible Original

Here is a link to SeroTalk Podcast 188 featuring Buddy Brannan’s interview with Shubham Banerjee

The Tough MudderExperience

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2 Responses to SeroTalk Podcast 212: Throw Darts At a Bug

  1. Dominique says:

    Hi guys, am listening to 112 of the podcast and I’ve just thought of a good idea that I’m wondering if the Apple accessibility team or anyone have thought of could do, unless someone’s thought of it already. Because when you first get the iPhone there’s no speech, and you may have to have asistance with setting up, either because Siri’s not ready to be used for one reason or another, or you are new to the IOS famly and want to do it on you’re own, have no computer or sited person around etc; This would be a cool thing to do. Why not someone record some self voicing prompts to get them up and running to the point to where they could tirn VO on? A good way to do this is to maybe use three fingers and tap on the screen twice and hold for a few seconds and the Siri voice could start talking, Tim Cook, or whoever could say hello and welcome to you’re new iPhone yada yada and guide them on getting setup, by possibly saying something like, “If you wish to continue in english, please say yes, or tap the bottom right corner of the screen, if not, tap the left bottom corner or say No.” thoughts? Just something that popped in to my head out of know where. Also, as a side note, Would love to record a Intro for you guy’s podcast that you could use from time to time… :d Wel, talk later. See ya!

  2. Matt says:

    Well, a few days ago I posted a real live Demo of the KNFB Reader link to a podcast from my drop box account . Now I would like to say it is up on the Blind Geek Zone site. I think your listeners will find it helpful. So see link below to it. Enjoy!

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