SPN Special 2 from the 2014 International AER Conference

Listen to SPN Special 2 from the 2014 International AER Conference

SPN is pleased to bring you the second of three specials recorded from the Exhibit Hall floor of the 30th Anniversary International AER Conference from San Antonio Texas.

While these interviews are more geared towards a Vocational Rehab or Education Professional, we believe that the information is also directly relatable to those in school or college. Or for those who have, or who are looking for, employment. Please pass along the links to this, and our other two specials, to those you may know who could benefit by hearing this type of information. And be sure to let us know what you think of our coverage by leaving us a comment here on the blog.

Also, we’d like to thank our fantastic SPN Summer Show Sponsors HIMS Inc. and Elegant Insights for their support in bringing you these interviews.

Interviews that can be found in this special are…

Sue Martin and Ricky talk about life, work and stepping “out of the Whirlpool”

Joe takes a closer look at products from Enhanced Vision

Ricky reads the signs with MDI Traffic Control

Joe views Canada and their adjustment to the Texas Heat with ESight

Looking towards VR Horizons with Ricky

Joe gets some exercise running the bases with Beep Kickball

Ricky learns chords and more with Perkins eLearning

Maxi Aids catologs much with joe

Bling, rings and more when Ricky peruses Jewelry in Braille

Ricky practices her multiplication tables with Braille Math

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