Exciting Update to iBlink Radio!

Serotek is proud to announce an updated version of iBlink Radio for iOS, Android, and now the all new Amazon Fire OS! The latest version of the software that many have called “The Pulse of the Blind Community” is taking Serotek’s mission of “Accessibility Anywhere” to an entirely new level to include “accessibility On Any Mobile Device.”

That’s right! You can now enjoy all of your favorite iBlink and SAMNet content across all of your mobile devices on IOS, Android, and now Amazon’s Fire OS. Enjoy enhanced access to your SAMNet account and community through the all new SAMNet Connect feature. Download content so you can play it while you’re on the plane or in an area with spotty connectivity. Switch from device to device and never lose your place in your favorite podcast, audio-described movie, or other content.

A SAMNet subscription is required for some features.

What in the World is SAMNet?

System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet) is the world’s largest consolidation of entertainment and social networking for the blind community. Unlike other online social networks, the system is completely accessible. Your monthly or annual subscription unlocks thousands of Internet radio stations, personalized news, blogging, a personal web site, forums, chat rooms, and e-mail.

As a subscriber you will also receive services designed specifically for the System Access screen reader. These include remote control of your home computer, and our innovative Remote Training and Support feature. With Remote Training and Support, for example, users can connect to each others’ computers to provide training and technical assistance or work simultaneously on a document or project. No other assistive technology provides this degree of functionality from the convenience of a single subscription. Note: Not all features of SAMNet are currently available on all platforms. Stay tuned as we continue to increase access to SAMNet features in the coming months.

For more information about SAMNet or to register for a free trial visit: serotek.com/samnet

Get the new iBlink Radio for your Apple devices from the iOS App Store, Android devices Google Play Store, or the Amazon Kindle Appstore

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