High Contrast Episode 22: Too Much Outdoors

Listen to High Contrast Episode 22: Too Much Outdoors

Its finally summer time. Sand, surf, sidewalks, some other S words. You know the time where you venture out of the home and possibly commune with nature. This month Rodney, Byron and Maurie talk about what they use to combat the evil rays of the sun. And we have an app review plus the Mailbag. So sit back in that cheap outdoor lawn chair and join us while we talk sun shades.

Here are some suggestions for where to start on the perfect pair of sunglasses. Remember, you may want to go see these options in person as some may not fit your face well when it comes to wraparound lenses. Also, you may find that red works better than gray on a tint. Or green, or blue. Everyone has their own style as you can see from these examples.

CPF lenses (originally made by Conrning)

Remington Shooting Glasses

Fuel Cell by Oakley

Gunnar Computer Glasses

And don’t forget hats. A good hat can let you avoid some glare issues without having something on your face. And at the pool or beach, it is an alternative to having water spots on your lenses if you rely on sunglasses for summer eye protection.

App Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign for iOS

joe is a bit perplexed. He has been playing this game for more than a month. He hasn’t spent a dime. But he can’t fully recommend this Match 3 title because it’s a low vision nightmare. If you have issues with colors, shapes or text on and odd background… stay away. Or get the app, try it and uninstall. If you do decided that you want to have Iron man, Storm, Black Widow and others beat up the bad guys by matching colors and shapes in spandex, give this one a shot. Its great for the cheap gamer and you can use Zoom on iOS to help you get through the rougher spots on the UI.


Check out Rodeny, Byron and Ranger1138 on the latest End of Line talking about what you could watch on your TV or tablet this summer. If you don’t like the outdoors that is of course.

Wayne writes in with this comment…

“Morning everyone, Just a handy tip that I thought you might find helpful. I was listening to the last episode when you were mentioning about not wanting pasccodes announcing in public places by voiceover. I am a non-visual user of the iPhone and also don’t want pass codes announcing. There is a good solution though. If you turn on the handwriting mode in the rotor, you will be able to handwrite your passcode in the passcode field. The code is not announced when in handwriting mode on the lock screen. Hope that’s useful. Also, to prevent your text messages announcing in the lock screen, you could disable them in the notifications centre re: turning them off in the lock screen. There’s more inconvenience with this re: the text alert tone will sound but you’ll need to go into messages.I suppose the other option would be to mute voiceover with the double triple tap gesture and turn it on again after the text alert sounds. Keep up the good work at Serotek. It’s all very helpful. Although I am an iPhone user, I do also like to keep in touch with Android developments through that Android Show. too. Maybe they’ll be the option of @That Windows Show@ soon eh? Thanks again for all the effort your teams put into the shows. Best regards, Wayne”

Neat! That was one we hadn’t considered at all. Good catch!

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