SeroTalk Podcast 198: Guide Cats for the Blind

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 198: Guide Cats for the Blind
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Join Jamie, Ricky and Joe as they discuss this week’s news of interest. Then, Jamie visits with Jeremy Curry about the recent merger of AI Squared and GW Micro. Topics discussed in this week’s podcast include:

A T Talk

Assistive Technology Leaders Merge to Expand Opportunities

Ai Squared and GW Micro Merge: Two Old Friends Join Forces

The Penguin Random House/Bookshare Partnership

The popular TapTapSee App is now available for Android

Quick Take: TapTapSee for Android Works Just like the iPhone Version, But Should It?

VoiceOver users: Journey towards accessibility, we are home: Our iOS Fleksy update is now fully accessible.

64 Ounce Games Has Reached it’s Goal

A Review of Chicken Nugget from Accessible Apps

TW Blue. Another accessible Twitter client based on The Qube.

Mainstream Matters

Are we starting to fall out of love with tablets?

Sprint partners with Spotify for music streaming

Sprint introduces its exclusive HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon

Hackers find first post-retirement Windows XP-related vulnerability

Hands-on with Firefox 29: More “customizable,” more Chrome-y

Are You Ready for a Driver’s License for the Internet?

Google’s self-driving cars hit 700,000 miles, learn city navigation

Blind Leading The Blind


How long should adults nap?

The 72 Worst Internet Sayings, Ranked

Listen to the fake sounds that could keep electric vehicles from hitting people

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