High Contrast Episode 20: Screen Dump

Listen to High Contrast Episode 20: Screen Dump

This month Rodney, Maurie, Byron and joe talk television and movies. A recently released NBC series has both Low Vision and Blind groups taking notice of the portrayal of its lead character who plays someone with Low Vision. Our team has thoughts about the initial episodes and if they believe some of the humor is universal or if it’s just way off the mark entirely. We’ll also discuss the rise, fall and rise again of Solo DX. At the time of the show’s initial recording the app was fine. Then after the show was edited the app was shuddered. And now, as you read this, the app has new life. Oh how 60 days can be like 7 years in internet time! Find out more about Solo DX in our discussions and stick around for joe’s app review.
Learn more about “Growing Up Fisher” by visiting the official NBC page

Joe noted that NBC canceled a show last year with a Blind character in it, and Matthew perry from “Friends” was in there too, called “Go On”.

Rodney mentioned another show that has featured a Blind character recently is “Covert Affairs” on the USA network.

Take a listen to SeroTalk 179 and hear the interview recorded at the launch of the Solo DX app

Disability Need Not Be Barrier for Moviegoers

Read more about the transition for Solo DX to its new home with Accessibility Hound

App Review: Umano

Since you happen to be reading show notes for a podcast at the moment, chances are you like to hear news and stories read to you by people with nice voices. Umano, both for Android and iOS, is today’s top headlines [and more] read by professional voice artists. Both versions of the apps have their own hang ups with their own screen readers, the app is pretty bright and needs a night mode… but still. If you want to read lots of news with real voices of current news, you can’t go wrong with Umano.

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We didn’t cover it in this episode, however, be sure to catch joe’s interviews with some up and coming Video magnifiers from our SPN CSUN 2014 coverage. HIMS, our coverage sponsor, released a Video Magnifier that connects to an iPad or an Android tablet. To learn more about eBot, listen to our SPN CSUN Special.

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