SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for February, 2014

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About Our Presenters

Luis Arellano is an instructional assistant for California School Districts and a regular, helpful participant in the SAMNet Community. He enjoys comparing, contrasting, and demonstrating various mainstream technology solutions. To hear some of these comparisons and keep up with his other activities, you can follow him on Twitter.

Mainstream Tech

Comcast Deal Seeks to Unite 2 Cable Giants

WhatsApp: the Bomb That Hit Silicon Valley

Forget the iWatch, Apple’s next big thing is health

Samsung Galaxy S5 made official: 5.1-inch HD screen, fingerprint scanner, and heart rate monitor in tow

Community News

FDA clears first drug for blindness sleep disorder

The New Generation Stream: Wireless access to over 36,000 radio station + Rich Media Content

Indian American 7th Grader Develops Braille Printer with Legos

Buddy Brannan’s interview with Braigo’s developer in SeroTalk 188

Results of the 5th Screen Reader Survey from WebAIM Released

Summary of survey results

American Foundation for the Blind Announces 2014 Access Award Winners

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