High Contrast Episode 19: These Are Falling Pants

Listen to High Contrast Episode 19: These Are Falling Pants

Winter is just about over, thank goodness, but the crew thought that they would pass along some of their tips and low tech ways of walking around in the snow and ice of the neverending Polar Vortex. Joe reviews some apps for those who like Leo and TWiT and we hear from Thomas on baggage suggestions for Bryon’s collection.

Winter Travel Tips

Here are the links to some of the gear mentioned by Maurie, Rodney and Byron

Walking on Ice? Yak Trax will go on most shoes to provide safe walking.

Icebug Ivalo-L BuGrip boot

Due North OVRSD All Purpose Snow & Ice Boot Traction Aid, Oversized

Remington Wrap-Around

App Review: TWiT for iOS, TWiT Pro for Android

Rodney, Byron and joe listen to many of the shows on the TWiT network. Joe notes that getting the official app for iOS is super easy. Just go to the live streaming site and you will be prompted to visit the iOS store to get the paid app. Its not the best with VoiceOver sadly, however, its simple to use with Low Vision if you don’t mind the color green with white lettering.

For Android, and this is a free app that asks for kind donations, TWiT Pro is a great TalkBack friendly way to keep up with the various shows on the Podcast Network. With white lettering on a black background, the app is very streamline and it has many of the features found in the iOS official app. Both are great ways to keep up with Leo and pals!

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  1. Maurie Hill says:

    The elementary school had an indoor yard sale and I picked up some Yak Trax for one dollar! I’m all set for the next ice storm, which hopefully wont’ be before December.

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