Spn Special: 2013 Outtakes

Listen to sPN Special: 2013 Outtakes

What do zombies, counting, feeding pigs, time travel and chainsaws have in common? These are all things featured in the SeroTalk Podcast Network’s 2013 outtakes. In recording over 100 hours of audio, there are bound to be at least one or two minutes, or hours of content which should never see the light of day. Our incredible audio engineers have the unenviable task of sorting through all the SPN material, both good and bad, to bring you the pristine and professional content you’ve come to expect. It’s only fair … well maybe not fair but we apparently made some agreement or other that once a year the audio production team could produce a show highlighting our less than stellar moments behind the microphone. Hear your favorite personalities from all six SPN shows as you’ve never heard them before, and probably hope never to hear again, in the 2013 SPN Outcast. Give us feedback on the best, or worst moments of the show by commenting below, sending an email to or with an iReport through iBlink Radio. We give huge thanks to the guys at P&D Audio Productions for putting the show together. You can approach them for your own audio production needs as well, secure in the knowledge that an outtake reel just like this one will be kept somewhere. We also thank you, the listener, for your support and your interaction with us. While we retreat in to seclusion and promise never to speak near a recording device again, we’ll leave you to enjoy our 2013 outtakes.

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2 Responses to Spn Special: 2013 Outtakes

  1. Scott v says:

    Really enjoyed the 2013 outtake special. It is cool to listen to you guys just having a little fun. I think you should do more of these, say like throughout the year.smile. Haven’t laughed so much in many months. thanks

  2. a snowsprite says:

    Oh man, I was literally looking forward to this all last year! I can’t even say where I laughed the hardest, but I’m sure people wondered what was wrong with me. I especially loved all the animal contributions.
    Is his name spelled Eddy or Eddie? I have a uke named Eddie but I figure most people don’t spell it that way.
    Anyway, thanks again for the laughs! This time I had too much comment for twitter. hee hee.

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