High Contrast Episode 18: Whirlpools With Sue and Maurie

Listen to High Contrast Episode 18: Whirlpools With Sue and Maurie

Welcome to a very special episode of “High Contrast” featuring Maurie’s interview with Sue martin. Sue’s recently released book, “out of the Whirlpool”, tells several amazing stories about vision loss and acceptance. Its an inspiring read and we hope this interview also enlightens those who may face similar challenges. Sue is a dynamic speaker, as we found out, during our SAMNet voice chat “Author’s night”. She joined us there as part of the Serotek “In It To Win It” promotion. To learn more about how we promote the Blindness and Low Vision Community through this program, visit this blog post.

A special extended edition of this episode can be found inside the audio book version of Sue’s book. To get her book, with the bonus interview audio, visit the official site for “out Of The Whirlpool”.

App Preview: The Walk

Joe is on a mission. Several actually! Joe is playing the new “The Walk” game on Android but its also available on iOS too. The idea is that as you walk, hence the title, you unlock new missions with bigger and bigger goals of walking a particular distance. As you do this you unlock audio clips of a very big story that involves you, an explosion and lots of voices from the UK. Joe will be doing lots of walking at CSUN, and other conventions, for SPN.. he invites you to join him on your own walk throughout the year and to let him know how you are doing with an iReport or a tweet to him @rangerstation on Twitter. He’ll be giving updates on his progress during the year and together we can all survive … The Walk!

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