Serotek Presents Our Holiday 2013 Review Special

Listen to Serotek’s Holiday 2013 Review Special

As the clock races toward Christmas day, are you still frantically racking your brain to figure out what to buy for that special person in your life? Once again, the Serotek team comes to the rescue with our annual holiday review special. As you listen to the podcast, be sure to follow the links below to learn more about the respective products discussed in this podcast–and Merry Christmas!

Lisa Salinger starts us off with a discussion of the FitBit One

She also mentions MyFitnessPal which has become more accessible of late.

Joe Steinkamp reviews the Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

The K 75 is a great gift for the person who wants a brewing system if, and this is a big IF!, they don’t mind memorizing menus and buttons. The unit sports a blue backlit screen with hard to see text. And it has a menu system for changing things like cup sizes and the like. Yet, for the package as a whole, it comes with lots of accessories and it has 72oz of coffee or tea at the ready. Its kind of big too, possibly due to the built in K-Cup tray underneath, so you can’t hide it behind the toaster. All and all, it’s a great gift to give someone [especially if you find it for under $149] but you may just want to stick with the Travel Keurig models if you want to avoid all the frills, menus and memorization.

He also recommends Lola Savannah Coffee – Cozy Winter’s Night (Whole Bean)

Next, Ricky Enger discusses four devices that will make your life easier in the kitchen.

Polder 6631-75 Stainless-Steel Sink Strainer with Extending Rubber-Grip Arms

Artisan (2 pk.) Non-Stick Silicon Baking Mat Set. 16 5/8″ x 11″

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener

Alton Brown Salt Cellar

Buddy Brannan interviews the developer of The Bradley Braille Watch

Matt Campbell helps us be more productive with the Asus Transformer Book T100.

Richard Wells introduces us to Lee Oscar harmonicas.

Finally, Jamie Pauls reviews the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker.

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2 Responses to Serotek Presents Our Holiday 2013 Review Special

  1. Beth says:

    The Serotek holiday special was such a neat Christmas present, thank you! I wish to make some comments regarding general statements made during the Bradley Watch interview. We do not say that a circle is a rounded square, it’s a circle, so we should not dodge the words “disabled” or “blind” or “disability”, we therefore should not be called “differently abled” in an attempt to hide from or circumvent a disability. Political correctness is much overrated, we must be comfortable with ourselves. Now, of course, every one of us has differing abilities so, at the core of human experience, we are all differently abled. Regarding inclusive or universal design: It certainly has its good points, including easier and more convenient repair, less costly items in terms of manufacture and purchase, I can borrow a sighted person’s gadget if I need to. However, if using a universally-designed item means I no longer stand out, that’s no reason to use such an item; in fact, that means I am insecure with myself. I was the only totally blind child in my public school district and I was the only kid reading Braille in the classroom. Did that make me stand out? Maybe. Did I care? You bet I didn’t, it was just part of learning. Another point about inclusive design: a gadget may or may not fit the needs of the blind and the deaf and the deaf-blind and the quadriplegic, etc., so there will always be a marked need for specialized devices. Thank you for the ability to post our comments here and happy holidays to all! Beth

  2. Matt says:

    Well, Joe talked about the Keurig coffee pot and said he was not a fan of keurig coffee pots ! I too not a big fan myself. I like the Bunn coffee/beverage maker! No it is not your classic Bunn maker! I did a podcast on this one and it is up on the Blind Geek Zone site. I will give link to podcast below. But it is a Beverage maker. It is called Bunn My Café MCU and it does K-Cups, Pods, loose tea or coffee or anything loose and it also does clear water . It has 4 attachments and no scream so no menus just two buttons. I highly recommend it over any Keurig machine out there. Since I have done the podcast several people have bought the machine! So see link below on podcast with links to other helpful things about the beverage maker from the site. Enjoy !

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