SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for September, 2013

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About Our Presenters

For the past seven years, Tim Emmons has served as a Readers’ Adviser and BARD Technical support person for the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for the state of Alabama. He says, “If it’s Assistive tech, it flashes, hums, beeps, blinks, or does anything cool I’ve got my fingers in it as much as possible.” He is married with two dogs, three cats, and is most notably, a proud new father. He is also a huge lover of books, music, and coffee. You can contact Tim via email.

Dr. Robert Carter is a psychologist at Texas A&M University. Before coming to Texas in 1989, he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Florida. As a graduate assistant, Dr. Carter ran an accessible computer lab where he taught blind people to use the Apple II. In his doctoral dissertation, he studied the decision-making process that rehabilitation counselors go through when they select access technology for their clients. Since 1975, Dr. Carter has been involved in the testing and development of dozens of access technology products. He frequently speaks publicly about access technology. At present, Dr. Carter is the host of [The Tech Doctor” podcast where he helps his listeners make sense of the ever-changing and complex landscape of accessible technology. You can [keep up with him by following him on Twitter.

John Panarese has used the Mac ever since VoiceOver became available in OS 10.4 Tiger, and maintains the Mac for the Blind website , He is an Authorized Apple Business Affiliate, and as an Apple Certified Support Professional for Mac OS X Lion, offers training and technical support for individuals, agencies and organizations on the mac and all iDevices, as well as offering assistive technology consulting. John also cohosts Serotalk’s popular Triple Click Home Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter.

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