High Contrast Episode 15: It’s All About the Photons!

Listen to High Contrast Episode 15: Its All About The Photons!

Did you know that this little company in Cupertino made this little device and operating system that people like to talk about? Okay, yeah, talk they do and this month the High C crew also throws their .2 updated thoughts in on the new hardware and the latest from Apple from the low vision side of things. And this was pre release iOS7. Expect even more remarks next month!

iPhone 5s Review

iPhone 5c Review

Teardown of the 5c

Teardown of the 5s

Ars Technica’s iOS7 Review

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App Review: Dungeon Story

Joe isn’t one to fall in line with trends, he’s not just visually impaired he’s style impaired too, but this Connect 3 fad finally got to him. No, not Bejewled or Candy Crush, the RPG aspects of this addicting app called “Dungeon Story” sucked him right in and kept him playing… for hours. Its free, but there are some nice In App upgrades for real money, and its great for those who like white text on black backgrounds. Draw with your finger and dispatch monsters, collect gold and cast spells. Take your loot and buy armor, swords and prepare for the multiple dungeons that stand before you in this iOS app.

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One Response to High Contrast Episode 15: It’s All About the Photons!

  1. Maurie Hill says:

    Though I don’t like the color and button changes in iOS7, there is a lot I like about it. The new accessibility option in voiceover, the “large cursor” almost makes up for the color changes (I would call it “focus enhancement”) and there is a lot in iOS7 that is helpful as a visually impaired person, one being additional Siri commands. Reading Jonathan Mosen’s “iOS7 Without the Eye” was VERY helpful in illustrating how the new changes can help me.

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