SeroTalk Podcast 166: Safari Plus Windows Equals Bad

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 166: Safari Plus Windows Equals Bad

Who uses technology and who doesn’t? How many song lyrics can we quote in one podcast? SeroTalk Podcast 166 is once again jam packed with lots of good information with some quirky thoughts thrown in for good measure. After the news, Jamie Pauls visits with Stephen Guerra about the National Beep Baseball Association. News stories discussed in this episode include:

Blind Bargains: HIMS Releases Braille Edge 40 1.1 Upgrade with .RTF, .DOCX Support, More

Twitter has a new dedicated accessibility team

New version of Nearby Explorer, the best GPS app for mobile phones. Here’s what’s New

Nexus 7 receives bug fix update, should solve multitouch and GPS issues

Here is the pitch-shifted version of Dolly Parton’s 1973 classic Jolene which Jamie mentions on the podcastg.

Joe may just get his smartwatch yet, Galaxy Gears Sept 4th in neat colors!

Android vs Seri on voice commands

Will it bend? Apple patent application shows off seamless, flexible hinge

New education section launched on

Apple reportedly opens up iWork for iCloud beta to all, go try it out!

A Time Machine for Your Ears

Inclusive Gaming

Interview with Donald Katz, CEO & Founder of

The Everyday Life of a Blind Technologist

Editorial: Let’s Eradicate the #a11y Hashtag And Replace it with Something Useful

Self-driving carmakers will have to pry steering wheel from some cold, dead hands

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within the next year

Tim Cook made Apple a nicer place to work, but he can still ‘skewer you with a sentence’


Why Ambient Noise Makes You More Productive (And Three Apps That Do It Right)

12 Super Successful People Who Shun Technology

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