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Mike Arrigo works in the computer field, and provides technical support for church management database software. He loves gadgets of all sorts, but especially computers and smart phones. Aside from that, he enjoys walking, singing, reading and chatting with others. Mike frequently contributes podcasts to various sites regarding Android, iOS, Mac and ChromeBook. Look for his podcasts on The Blind Geek Zone or contact him via E-mail.

Brie Rumery, 43 lives in Jasper, Georgia with her husband Scott, daughter Makayla and their two German shepherd guide dogs. At eight years old, she began losing her sight due to the progressive eye condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. Ms. Rumery experienced first-hand the frustrations of blindness in regards to education, employment and the lack of affordable access technology. However, her determination to be a self-sufficient, independent member of a sighted society gave her the strength and perseverance to learn how to use assistive technology at a young age, be the only blind individual to graduate with honors from her local technical college and to work for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for nearly ten years. Currently, Brie is a Junior Partner for Fedora Outlier, LLC — an Atlanta based assistive technology firm that believes in providing top quality, better than excellent consulting, teaching and support for Apple’s iOS devices and computer products for the blind, by the blind. As junior partner for Fedora Outlier, LLC, Ms. Rumery wears many hats and the one she is most proud of is the fact that she is the co-author of the firm’s first book, the Old Hat Guide To iPhone Accessibility which tells the story of how she overcame her fear of using the iPhone and that “if Brie can do it then so can you!”. Another hat that Ms. Rumery has acquired is that of being Public Relations Production Manager/Twitter Moderator for two types of unique interview series known as #AccessChat and Follow Friday (#FF) which are produced and moderated by Ms. Rumery via Fedora Outlier’s Twitter Platform. When she isn’t working hard for Fedora Outlier, LLC you can find her sending tweets via Twitter, emailing friends old and new, writing short stories and poetry, spending time with her family and of course using her iPhone. Brie also loves quotations and mantras and the one she uses on a daily basis is her own: “Just Because You Have Lost Your Sight Does Not Mean You Have Lost Your Vision!” If you would like to learn more about Fedora Outlier, LLC, #AccessChat and #FF, or you would like to personally contact Brie, feel free to do so by sending her E-mail, following her on Twitter, or following Fedora Outlier on Twitter.


How Google just quietly made your Android phone more secure – Computerworld Blog

Seven reasons to buy the new Google Nexus 7

Chromecast isn’t a Roku/Apple TV killer — but at $35, it doesn’t need to be

Mobile Tech

How the new Nexus 7 and iPad Mini compare

Zombies, Run! studio will get you to walk to Scotland in neo-noir thriller The Walk


Apple ‘completely overhauling’ developer site after intrusion

In the Community

The Seeing Eye GPS app is out!

You can find the Seeing Eye GPS User Guide here:

Kickstarter Campaign: The Bradley Tactile Time Piece

Check out this web-based Smithsonian exhibit on the history of people with disabilities in America

Minneapolis woman creates new way to learn Braille – Pioneer Press

Mor information available in the Braille Monitor:

The Death Of Screen Reader Innovation

Screen Reader Failure: Innovation, Deterioration, Despair

General Tech

Mozilla’s Firefox OS: accessibility to be included

Microsoft readies Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 too, confirming the older OS won’t be left behind–for now

Microsoft releases final version of Office 2010 SP2

Leery about the cloud? Chances are you’ve been using it for years

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Join Lisa Salinger on August 19 at 8 PM in the Pat Price Tech Talk Training room over at Accessible World to discuss our exciting new SAMNet Socializer. We look forward to seeing you there.

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