High Contrast Episode 13: Too Cool for School

Listen to High Contrast Episode 13: Too Cool For School

Summer is still upon us and so we again turn to flights of fancy and log flooms of fun at America’s amusement parks. This time around, Byron lee talks about his day at Six Flags. Then joe offers ways to be a backseat driver or assist the family with apps in the car. Followed by Maurie’s experiences at the Visions conference in Baltimore. Plus a great app review as well. Oh, and there maybe a mention of attending rock concerts both good and bad. Keep your ears open for some crazy remarks this month! Wonder if there is a Six Flags theme park near you? Check out their official site and see…

And the world is yours with Navagon

BlindSquare for iOS

Oakley is Joe’s sunglasses brand of choice

**App Review: Solara

If you follow Joe on Twitter, if you have heard SeroTalk 162 or if you stand next to him in a crowded room, chances are you have heard him mention Solara once or twice or two hundred times a day. He admits he is addicted to this tower building game and he has convinced several others on the SPN Staff to install this iOS app too. Try it and you may find yourself questing with as well!

Check out Serotalk 162 to hear an interview with Paul from Esper Labs.

And hear how Alena Roberts enjoys the game just as much as Joe in Triple Click Home Episode 20.


We are saving the majority of the feedback for Rodney’s return, however, we thank Michele for this email; “I have mixed feelings about visiting Disney in Florida as someone with Stargardts. Before I was diagnosed as an adult with Stargardts’s 6 years ago, I visited Disney many times in my life and loved it. When I was there for my anniversary in September 2011, I had a difficult time. The sun is very bright, much brighter than in the Northeast where I live and I had a very difficult time dealing with the brightness even while wearing sunglasses and a hat.. I was there with my husband, who is sighted, but if I were there on my own, I think I would have had a difficult time with needing to read all the transportation signs and the restaurant menus and maybe even getting on and off the rides with unfamiliar steps. Although I loved visiting Disney for many years, I now avoid traveling to locations with very bright sunlight such as Florida. Michelle”

Finally, even though Rodney could not be with us this month, he did pass along this tasty nugget of audio goodness: “Those absolutely fabulous folks over at Tech Access Weekly just released a StandScan review. These people rock! They used Say Text, Prizmo & Zoom Reader.”

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  1. Zivan Krisher says:


    In High Contrast Episode 13, you really hit a note with me on the subject of gender recognition.

    I live in Israel and Hebrew is a gender specific language. Even nouns have a gender let alone words that refer to people.

    For example a car is female a computer is male.

    Thankfully we are less formal over here and I do not need to say ma’am or sir to anyone in daily life.

    The word “sorry” is gender neutral. It’s not as polite as “excuse me”, but can serve well enough. However the word “you” is gender specific. “At” = female “Ata” = male.

    So a sentence like:” I’m sorry can you please help me…”, Is still loaded with gender.

    German is also gender specific, but at least when it comes to plural you can use “Sie” witch is actually also the polite way to approach someone you don’t know.

    In Hebrew, even the plural of you is gender specific, “Aten” = female, “Atem” = male.
    However unless all the people you’re addressing are female, it is customary to use the male version of plural “you”. (It’s an ancient language after all).
    So in most cases when approaching more than one person you’re probably safe using “Atem”.

    I try to sound people out by saying “Shalom” (Hello) first in an attempt to prompt them to say Shalom back to me and reveal their identity or at least their gender.

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