SPN Special: Using the SAMNet Socializer

Listen to our SPN Special: Using the SAMNet Socializer

Each month, members of Serotek’s System Access Mobile Network are able to participate in live training sessions on how to use various aspects of SAMNet. These training sessions are conducted by our own Lisa Salinger and are made available for on-demand listening later. We are pleased to bring you Lisa’s demonstration of the new features of the SAMNet Socializer. Once you have listened to this training, try out the new features of the SAMNet Socializer for yourself. If you aren’t already a member, {why not begin your seven-day free trial today?

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One Response to SPN Special: Using the SAMNet Socializer

  1. Lurker says:

    Funny, you pay over 100 bucks for a sam net subscription just so you can talk to your buddies, and 25 for the other program. However, they want to charge you 200 bucks extra on top of your two machines and USB drive to add another machine. Maybe they need to redo their pricing structor again. You can go buy windows 8 for 200 bucks. get with the program. go get the 25 buck program, and The Qube, and skype and use your screen reader, save yourself the money and just google the information you need to find or want.

    Just my thoughts and two cents.

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