High Contrast Episode 12: The Purple Screen Of Death

Listen to High Contrast Episode 12: The Purple Screen Of Death

Maurie is out on summer vacation. So what happens when it’s just the men on the show left to their own devices? Well they talk tech, TVs, media and more. Rodney, Byron and Joe discuss their thoughts on the recent E3 Xbox One event, what gadgets they use with their big screen TVs and they even manage to find a way to talk about the 70s game show classic “Joker’s Wild”. Its one hour of plasma and pixels on this month’s High Contrast.

**App Review: Karateka Classic On iOS

Joe takes us down memory lane when you moved from left to right and just beat things up because it was the thing to do in order for you to save the Princess. This landmark game from the early days of the PC is now on IOS and does some pretty good Apple II emulation. Its only 99c and great on the iPad for those who like their “beat’em up” nostalgia.

**How can you find out what our hosts are up to outside the podcast?

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