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Liam Erven is best known for the computer games he produces for blind users. Games are released via his company LWorks His latest endeavor, Audio Archery, is now free for Android and iOS. Follow Liam or LWorks on Twitter for the latest updates.

Cara Quinn embraces a wide variety of artistic and technical interests. She enjoys a successful modeling career which allows her to express herself in print and promotional venues.
She teaches guitar, performs, and composes in a variety of genres with a focus on loop-based music, and enjoys mixing elements of rock, pop, jazz, and progressive styles. She has also created compositions for plays, documentaries and short films and has engineered and produced projects for musicians who sought rich and progressive sounds for their music.
Cara manages two very busy mailing lists: VIPhones and MacVisionaries. She is also involved in various podcasting endeavors and develops software for Looktel and Draconis Entertainment Contact Cara via Twitter or email.

Windows 8.1 given first official outing, and yes, the Start button is back

Microsoft confirms public preview of Windows 8 in late June

Screen readers “see” websites differently than sighted people do. Why links should have real text

NVDA 2013.1 has been released, with support for PowerPoint, an improved laptop keyboard layout and some enhanced Braille support

Captcha Fail Leaves Blind People Unable To Sign ‘We The People’ Petition To Help The Blind

The Top 5 Announcements From Google I/O

Tablets devastate laptop market

Google’s virtual assistant invades Siri’s turf

Audio Archery has been released for iOS

And Android

New Podcast: Audio Archery: Use Your Ears and Reflexes to Hit the Target with this New iOS Game

Twitter API v 1 retirement date extended to June 11

Cross the streams with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype messaging and more with Socializer. Accessibility Anywhere.

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