High Contrast Episode 9: The Chair to Keyboard Interface

Listen to High Contrast Episode 9: The Chair To Keyboard Interface

The gang’s all here, well sort of, but you will have to listen to hear just how this all worked out. Just know up front, everyone gets a turn to discuss the big topic “mac vs. PC”. And joe reveals how the 80’s arcade classics can now fit in the palms of your hands via the iPad. All that and more awaits you in this shorter than usual episode.

Joe mentioned the classic “Switcher Ads” that made fun of UAC. Here is an example of what he was talking about…

And this is the feature that looks a whole lot like UAC that is now in Mac OS called “Apple Gatekeeper “

A great place to keep up on everything Windows is the “Windows Super Site”
Microsoft has built in access like Windows magnifier. Learn more by visiting the Microsoft Accessibility page here

Also, for those who want to stay up on access issues with Apple, check out Apple Vis

Don’t forget about SPN’s own “Triple Click Home”

Learn about all the built in options for Apple by visiting the universal Access page

Here is the product information page for the Mac edition of ZoomText

App Review: Midway Arcade

Midway Arcade
Remember all those loud, echo filled dark rooms with all the half burnt out neon lighting? No, not discos or roller rinks. We’re talking about those places where your pocket change became tokens and where you could be without both in just a dozen minutes or so. Yes, the days of the classic arcade are gone but their legacy can now be found in the palms of your hands either by nabbing the Midway Arcade app from the iOS store or by putting it on a larger than life screen with the Xbox 360 Midway Arcade origins collection. Joe takes us on a quick tour of the iOS app and explains why this one is a must for fans of the 80s.
Midway Arcade origins for Xbox 360

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  1. Jake Joehl says:

    I really enjoyed this episode of High Contrast, as I have all of them thus far. I was intrigued by the Windows vs. Mac discussion. I have always been a Windows user, but I have often given thought to learning the Mac just out of curiosity. My former roommate–who was legally blind from a brain tumor at a young age–grew up on the Mac. He first used it with outSpoken, but then promptly switched to Windows when we moved in together. But he ended up not liking Windows at all, so he switched back to the Mac and had VoiceOver. He loved VoiceOver. I have in fact heard a few of its voices and they’re very cool. I am, after all, quite intrigued with all the voices that are on the market today. Anyway, thanks again for another excellent episode and I look forward to more.

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