SeroTalk Podcast 145: The Phone Booth of the Future

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 145: The Phone Booth of the Future

This week’s show presents yet another guycast with Jamie, Buddy and Joe. As you might expect, there is no shortage of opinions on all the stories discussed below. Send us an email, leave an iReport via iBlink Radio, or leave a comment on to give us yours.

New Sendero 2013 line up

VoiceOver saved in Apple, Samsung patent battle

An Update on the Seeing Eye app Being Developed by the Sendero Group

Blind Vets Warn Against VA Funding Guide Dogs

A keyboard that rises up from flat touch screens

White House: You have a right to unlock your cell phone

Rumor: T-Mobile to move to no-contract model soon

Smartphones to outsell feature phones in 2013 for first time

Twitter Killing TweetDeck for iPhone and Android

Facebook unveils redesigned, cleaner News Feed coming to iPhone, iPad & Web

Google at work Amazon Prime competitor

Get ready for used digital goods stores from Amazon & Apple. patents.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 rumored to use eye-tracking software

Minor security flaw found in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2

Talkback v3.0 released

How to Prevent Accidental Spending on In-App Purchases on Your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone might have been a ‘Mobi’

Apple reportedly cutting back on iPad 9.7 orders

iPhone 5S rumored to launch in August, new iPads in April

Apple’s iWatch may be unveiled this year, Bloomberg says


From Snowbunny

Hey, guys, great podcast!  You asked who doesn’t have Dropbox these days.  Well, Yours Truly, for one.  I’ve never been comfortable with the premise of Dropbox, you can walk a fine line regarding legality pertaining to what you have and send people on Dropbox.  Seems to me this was mentioned on a long-ago Serotalk podcast.  Copyright issues need to be taken seriously here.  Thanks too for the upcoming CSUN shows, can’t wait!  Beth


Pet Peves of the blind and visually impaired

Eat a Banana to Remedy Over-Caffeination

Seeking your opinion: should Serotek Start a newsletter?

Complete Serotek’s survey for your chance to win an iPad Mini

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  1. a snowsprite says:

    Thanks for explaining the phantom Ricky. Also, Yay bananas!
    I play the ukulele, and I am known as the girl who plays all the banana songs among my friends and various other people I play for.
    Nice pet peeve article. I especially hate the face touching one. I have a tendency to flinch away from people and tell them that I am not a “dirty face-toucher!” Funny story behind that actually

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