SeroTalk Podcast 143: Cancel the Party

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 143: Cancel the Party

Welcome to another SeroTalk Guycast. This time around, Jamie Pauls is joined by Rodney Edgar, Peter Bossley and Mike Calvo. Can anyone guess what story Mike wanted to talk about? Here’s a hint. Mike doesn’t appear until we begin talking about news in the world of assistive technology. As much as you might want to, don’t skip ahead because you won’t want to miss any of our stories this week.

Internet advertisers kill text-based CAPTCHA

Find the McDonald’s/Burger King hack funny? Just imagine full-blown corporate cyberwar

Google warns of an increase in attempted account hijackings

Google Stock Hits $800 For First Time Ever

Google Stores: Google to open retail stores in 2013

Surface won’t dominate but it’s a ‘real business,’ says Ballmer

Bill Gates ‘not satisfied’ with Microsoft’s innovations

Wozniak warns Apple must stay ‘cool’ — or else

Samsung struggles to block iPhone function for the blind

After his Samsung rant, Jamie urges Mike to relax, have an Espresso and listen to some calming music on his Bose SoundLink mobile wireless speaker.

State of Touch Typing – Fleksy goes free

 Window-Eyes 8.1 is now available!

Sendero CSUN Sessions are posted – Seeing Eye GPS demos, product releases and more.

Sacred Texts: Where to Get Them in Alternate Media

Microsoft now has a support desk for people with disabilities

New Database Helps Employers Find Employees with Disabilities

QCast: Easy accessible podcasts

Low Vision Shopping Woes – Can You Relate?


A sensational breakthrough: the first bionic hand that can feel

LivesOn: Twitter ghost keeps tweeting when you’re dead

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