Coming This Thursday: This Year in Assistive Tech for 2012

Each year, there are lots of tech stories that make news for a week or two, and promptly  fade in to oblivion. come join us, in conjunction with Blind Bargains, as we countdown the biggest stories in Assistive Technology for the year that was 2012. Joe Steinkamp is joined by a panel of experts including J.J. Meddaugh, Pratik Patel, Jamie Pauls, Leonie Watson, and Wade Wingler.together they will discuss, debate and disarm you with their opinions of what was, and wasn’t, good about the year we just lived through… No thanks to that whole Mayan calendar thing.

Speaking of which, we’d love to have you join us, but if you can’t, it’s not the end of the world. An archive will be posted on the SeroTalk blog.

The event takes place this Thursday, January 3 at the special time of 2 PM Eastern. Activate this link to take part in the presentation as it happens or replay the archive once the event is over.

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2 Responses to Coming This Thursday: This Year in Assistive Tech for 2012

  1. Cherokee Eagle says:

    I really like IBlink too, but since the last update, the playback has had some issues.

  2. Ken Scott says:

    I normally do not post to blogs like SeroTalk; however, Joe Steinkamp in This Year in Assistive Tech for 2012 miss represented a question that I had emailed before the show. I do not blame or fault Joe. I can easily understand how my question was mangled in an attempt to bring it into a live presentation like This Year in Assistive Tech for 2012. I paste my question and associated comments for NVDA below from my iriginal message. I leave the community to draw its own conclusions.

    “How can an employed blind person recommend to his/her employer a screen reader that
    has made urgent life or death appeals for support twice within three years and also
    fails to announce on its supported applications’ webpage that it supports a key application
    like Microsoft PowerPoint? This was the state of affairs that applied to NVDA as
    recently as two days ago.”

    I had checked the NVDA website two days before I sent my original message to the SeroTalk team. Let the flaming begin.

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