SeroTalk Podcast 135: Chock Full of Christmas Cheer

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 135: Chock Full of Christmas Cheer

On this, our final news-related episode of the year, Jamie, Ricky and Joe settle in to discuss the top stories of the week. Then, Jamie visits with Brian Fishler of Laugh for Sight about Gotham Comedy Radio, a new podcast being launched in conjunction with the SeroTalk Podcast Network.

Listen to Legendary Comedian Robert Klein on the first episode of Gotham Comedy Radio

This is the unedited podcast. The edited version will be coming soon.

Will Kindle E-Books Leave Blind Students Behind?

Amazon, Why Do You Keep Burning Blind Readers?

Amazon Books for All Accessibility Protest

our latest SPN Mobile special: Scratching the Surface with Mike Calvo

An Accessibility Review of the Kindle 3

Kindle Fire: Down in Flames!

podcast 79: What’s Up Happy Rants

Brand new Tech Doctor podcast entitled: Accessible Books

Amazon Instant Video App

Draconis Entertainment Releases Their First Mac Audio Game for the Visually Impaired

FamilyConnect Holiday Guide to Toys, Games, and Gadgets for Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Braille Sonar for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

The must have accessible apps for blind android users

Code Factory releases new mobile Accessibility

Braille typewriters get a digital-era update


Facebook now has a dedicated accessibility page

Facebook voting is gone, but privacy issues just get worse

Google CEO Larry Page talks Apple, Android monetization and an eventual Motorola Nexus device

In bringing Office to iOS, Microsoft is playing a dangerous game

Microsoft Surface vs. Google Nexus: The numbers don’t tell the whole story

Microsoft: Surface Tablet to Debut in Retail Stores Soon

Redbox Challenges Netflix With $6 a Month Streaming Service

The future of television has arrived: it’s called the iPad

Apple Could Acquire Navigation Partner TomTom To Fix Maps [Analyst]

CNET 100


Tape runs out for Sony’s portable cassette recorders

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  1. Niral Sheth says:

    ITunes 11 has some challenges.
    It is impossible to get to the universal access button through the summery tab in iTunes 11. I was on the phone with a senior level technitian for over an hour and we got no where. Finally I decided to just restore back from my previous settings. Please get on Apple and tell them that we need to see the universal button in a easier way.

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