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The gang returns with more iOS6 and iPhone 5 experience under their collective belts and they give their pre iOS 6.01 thoughts on the state of affairs in the first portion of this episode. Then, Maurie begins her initial steps on what will be an amazing journey for her. Hear her story, and another Low Vision app suggestion, in our sixth show!

4s, 5, 6 And More

Before we get started, check out this very funny SNL sketch about iPhone 5 Tech pundants

iPhone 5 review: Newest Apple smartphone blends beauty, versatility

Finally, the iPhone we’ve always wanted

So-so Maps mar otherwise stellar upgrade

Blind Bargains: What’s new in iOS 6 from an Accessibility Perspective

SPN Special: Mobile Devices

SPN Mobile Devices Special 2: Scratching The Surface With Mike Calvo

iOS 6 VoiceOver with Maps, Zoom and Assistive Touch

A First Look at VoiceOver in iOS 6

iOS 6: Accessibility gets a boost

Some additional iOS6 links from Flying Blind LLC’s “Top Tech Tidbits”

This Lifehacker post is entitled, “Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6”

This site calls itself “The definitive guide to Apple’s iOS 6 software features for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad”

AppleVis Extra No. 3: Conference Call Discussion of iOS 6

Link to  eBook version of the iOS6 manual, readable only on an i-device.

Maurie’s journey: Maurie Begins Her Experience  In Stargardt  Stem Cell Trial

High Contrast’s Maurie Hill has started on a path to explore options in vision restoration that many may have read about. She bravely tells her story with us on the podcast and has offered to provide us with updates as she continues her journey.

DISCLAIMER:  Maurie is a stockholder in Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), sponsor of this trial. Also, Maurie notes, “ I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I’ll answer questions as best I can.”

Ricki Lewis’s article about stem cells and Maurie’s trial involvement:


For more information,be sure to check out Maurie’s posts on the Ai Squared Zoomed In Blog

Follow the Eye

Summer Survival and My Six Week Trial Checkup

Do You See What I See?

I’m in the ACT Stem Cell Trial for Stargardt Disease!

App Review: You Don’t Know Jack For iOS

Note: This app is being updated and will be back on the iTunes store soon!

Remember that wacky trivia game with the odd pop culture jokes mixed in with really strange questions about history, math and the human body in a game show like format for the PC and mac circa mid 90’s? No? Well, if you do, the gang at jellyvision has rebooted “You Don’t Know Jack” for a whole new age. The humor is still slightly off, the questions are still nerve-racking but the game hasn’t lost a step from what you played years ago. Joe checks out the game for iPad and he mentions the good and the bad in his review. 

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