2012 SPN Holiday Review Special

Listen to Our 2012 SPN Holiday Review Special

For this very special holiday podcast, each member of the Serotek team was asked to review an item that they felt would make a good holiday gift. As you listen to the voices of the Serotek team members, feel free to follow the links in these show notes so that you can further explore the items of particular interest to you.

If there is one thing blind people are passionate about, it’s audio. Brian Kevelighan starts off our show with a review and demonstration of the Jawbone Big Jam Box. Next, Matt Campbell reviews the Koss PortaPro headphones. Finally, Mike Calvo rounds out our first segment by reviewing three sets of headphones—the new Aftershokz Sportz 2, the Radius 2 earbuds, and the Bose in-ear Sports earbuds.

Next, we focus on taking our audio on the go. Buddy Brannan visits with Danny of the Braille Superstore about the brand new Tiny Tunes MP3 player, designed especially for the blind. Then, Richard Wells visits with Laz Mesa about the Rockboxed Sansa Talking MP3 Players.

To round out our discussion of all things audio, Lisa Salinger shows us how to make music with the QChord. Shane Jackson has produced an in-depth review of the QChord.

Getting a Feel for the QChord is a manual written specifically for the visually impaired by Jackie McBride.

Hear the QChord by going to a page with QChord songs and sound clips

If you would like to purchase a QChord, or for further information, you may email Jackie McBride.

Next, Joe Steinkamp tells us about the OXO 10 Piece Pop Up Container Set.

Patrick Purdue stops by just in the nick of time to tell Jamie about the Wenger Braille watch.

After that, Ricky Enger makes house cleaning fun by introducing us to the Litter Robot self-cleaning litter box.

Rounding out this year’s holiday festivities, Jamie Pauls helps us make a great espresso with the Nespresso Pixie espresso maker.

You can listen to our Coffee Charge special from last year where Mike Calvo goes into some detail about what makes a great cup of espresso.

Watch a YouTube video of the Nespresso Pixie in action.

Feel free to email resources@serotalk.com with holiday ideas of your own.

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