SeroTalk Podcast 130: ChromeOver

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This week, Ricky Enger, Buddy Brannan and Joe Steinkamp sit down to discuss the top news stories of the week. Topics discussed in this episode of the podcast include:

Conflicted: The tension in Windows 8

Why Microsoft’s Tablet Can’t Fail

Microsoft Surface RT Review

Window-Eyes 8.0 Beta 1 is Now Available!

Jaws v14 screen reader has been released

MAGic version 12 has been released!

Dotris: A computer game for Braille displays

Blog post: Notes for musicians, vocalists and recording engineers

iPad mini and iPad 4: Apple has muddied the waters

iPad mini: Why Tim Cook’s Apple is a better company than the one Steve Jobs left behind.

Third-gen iPad owners: does the fourth-gen iPad irk you?

Apple’s new iMac will boost ailing desktop division, analyst says

Apple unveils updated Mac Mini desktops

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Blog posts

bubba says:       

October 24, 2012 at 11:50 am     

hi, she was saying that she had to replace her thermostat and just wondering if she got a talking thermostat? If she did not I think she should check out

Marc Baillargeon (pronounced buy are jon) says:            

October 19, 2012 at 3:35 pm       

Just wanted to take a sec to comment on your previous podcast and especially the maps in IOS6. I am in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and my experience has been that at least here the maps work really well when asking for directions or specific routes; as a matter of fact I was talking to a sighted fellow just the other day who hunts at this time of the year about 90 miles west of edmonton. To hunt of course you have to get off the main highway on to side roads which in our neck of the woods are called forestry trunk roads. These roads each have a number designation such as forestry trunk road 145 and they are basically cow paths into the woods where people would go hunt. This guy was so impressed as Apple maps actually had the correct number designations on them so he was able to drop off his buddy on one and then proceed to the one he wanted to get to without difficulty whereas previously with the google maps they were of no use and since all the roads looked the same it took time to find the right ones–he was so impressed with this feature of IOS 6 on his Iphone 4 no less.

Could you guys talk about twitter at some point and accessing it with system access directly or with easychirp? i have found easychirp quite simple to use but can you do it directly with some practice or is easychirp the best thing out there for now on a computer.

Also is serotek planning down the road to put the capability of a pronunciation dictionary into the software; also in some instances I would prefer numbers to be read off individually and not as whole numbers–is this a possibility?

Lastly XM Satelite Radio both in Canada and the US has come out with a new player and if you’re not a subscriber you can get, I believe a two week trial. I am a subscriber and am having a hell of a time trying to figure out and/or access the player; frankly a real pain in the ass for which I’m paying 4.99 extra. It does work fine with the XM app or the IPhone or IPad though.

keep up the great work and why don’t you guys arrange something with the CNIB up here in Edmonton and come up for a visit sometime; we always hear about the American conventions but what about us poor canadians, eh?

All the best!

Marc Baillargeon Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Children’s Media Usage Skyrockets During Past Year [STUDY]

Where do most people accidentally destroy their iPhone?

Japan Develops Smartphone Application That Sends Smells

How the Blind Run Marathons

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2 Responses to SeroTalk Podcast 130: ChromeOver

  1. Bubba says:

    hi, yes the talking thermostat from is much better and they work with heat pumps. The model 3000 is the best and most updated one. I can highly recommend it. It goes for about 200 bucks. HTH

  2. Bubba says:

    hi, on the Apple mini Ipad Ireally don’t see a big use for it as it cost too much and it is not that much difference in the Ipad as for as cost goes and too me if I was going to buy a ipad which at some point will upgrade my wife Ipad 1 but will not get the mini Ipad for her I will get the IPad! As she is a seeing person and really don’t like computers but loves her Ipad1. I myself think they should have given the Ipod touch cell data and built in GPS this would have impress me much more! JMT !

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