High Contrast Episode 5: Jeremy’s Song

Listen to High Contrast Episode 5: Jeremy’s Song

Welcome back to High Contrast. This month we sit down with a professional singer who was inspired to write a song about our show’s very own Jeremy Curry. We also talk a little bit about iOS6 and joe takes us back to the thrilling days of the 80’s arcade condensed down to an iPad screen.

Interview: Bekah Bradley

Bekah Bradley is a small-town girl from Ohio with big dreams. Her biggest inspiration is Celine Dion, and she loves listening to Contemporary Christian Music. Bekah recently graduated from a small liberal arts Christian university with a degree in Business Management. Bekah spent the last four months of her college career at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee. There, she spent her time recording, performing, writing songs, and touring with the school throughout the Midwest. She writes music about people in her life and the trials she has experienced. Bekah Bradley is a pop country artist with a natural country tone that is instantly recognizable.

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Jeremy mentioned that his Guide Training was from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. To learn more about this organization , visit their website

App Review: Galaga 30th Collection

Joe is a real fan of retro game collections. He has several on his ipad and several more older videogame consoles on shelves in his office. So for him, the ability to take an old classic like Glaxian or Galaga on the road was more than he could have hoped for. The great news is that this collection uses a simple control scheme, large menus and has a “try before you buy” free option. You can then purchase other classics from the Namco Galaga series through In App purchases if you like the initial free game. To learn more about the game collection, visit this link

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  1. Charlene says:

    The brief talk is an encouragement for me, even though I am considered elderly. I still have what I consider to be big dreams for myself. Now, my dreams are much different than they were when I was a much younger woman.

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