SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for September, 2012

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About Our Presenters

Luis Arellano is an instructional assistant for California School Districts and a regular, helpful participant in the SAMNet Community.

Jeff Bishop describes himself as “Developer, technologist, Window-Eyes scripter, Broadcaster and family oriented guy” and is probably best known for his broadcasts on various community radio stations.

Justin Romack is a digital marketing and brand management consultant from College Station, Texas, where he lives (and works) with his beautiful wife, Angela, and their adorable, ten-month old son, Tyson. Justin’s business, Ontempo Ideas, allows him the opportunity to handle online marketing, social media and public relations for local and regional brands and businesses.

Justin likes to play drums, discover new music, have silly time with his family, explore the world with his guide dog, Piper, read and get “super nerdy” with the latest tech, accessible or not. You’ll find him blogging all across the web, but most prominently at and

General Tech

The quest for the best search engine: Bing It On

”Six strikes” Internet warning system will come to US this year

1 in 4 tablet owners say it is now their primary computer


Microsoft pushes home users toward Office subscriptions—whether they like it or not

Microsoft confirms October 25 launch for Windows 8

iOS 6 and iPhone 5

iPhone 5 review: Finally, the iPhone we’ve always wanted

iOS 6: The must-have update you’ll barely notice review

Blind Bargains: What’s new in iOS 6 from an Accessibility Perspective

SPN Special: iPhone 5, iOS6, and Android Accessibility


Designing for Accessibility: Q&A with Jeff Wieland

Hadley Seminar: Accessing Facebook On Your iPhone

If you have Facebook, join the discussion on Amazon’s wall about the lack of Kindle accessibility.

In the Community

Blind and online: Progress, not perfection, for visually impaired tech users

Going blind in a digital world: The road to reclaiming my web sight

Winner Is Served: Christine Ha Takes Top Prize on MasterChef

indoor navigation solution for blind users? Check out Navatar

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