SeroTalk Podcast 111: Taking the World by Storm

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 111: Taking the World by Storm

Once again, Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp tackle the news of the week. Stories talked about in this episode include:


Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview: What’s in and what’s out

Why flatten Windows 8? Because Aero won’t run on a phone


Apple’s Cook right about PC-tablet fusion fantasy

Video clips of Cook’s interview at this year’s D10 conference are now online.

Apple’s Cook pours cold water on iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen

Do these blueprints show the iPhone 5?

Apple now selling Nest Learning Thermostat

iPhone officially goes prepaid in the US via Cricket


Is Facebook building an iTunes/Google Play competitor?

If Facebook dies (and it might), its killer will be born mobile

General Tech

Israel: Don’t blame the Flame cyberattack on us

Privacy Group Wants Google’s Driverless Cars Kept off the Road

The numbers behind RIM’s impending collapse


Screen Reader User Survey #4 Results

Jim Denham’s first impression of the Braille EDGE display

Kevin Reeves Audio Boo: Blue Collar Jobs for the Blind

using iphone with a braille display as a notetaker

JAWS 13.0.924 May update is released.

J-Say 10 is released!

New BrailleSense Update is Released


Doc Watson, Blind Guitar Wizard Who Influenced Generations, Dies at 89


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2 Responses to SeroTalk Podcast 111: Taking the World by Storm

  1. Jessica says:

    very very good podcast. Thank you.

  2. Bahzad says:


    First, I would like to thank you for the great podcasts that you post on a weekly basis. In episode 111, there was a discussion that revolved around Nest Mobile, the app that allows people to set their temperatures with an iPhone. From what I understand, an Applevis post mentions that Nest Mobile is accessible to a limited degree. Aside from the temperature, nothing can be done effectively. In short, you are able to manipulate your thermostat, but it appears to be the only aspect of the app that, with some effort, works properly. Although I don’t have a thermostat of this kind myself, I thought I should post about the topic. Again, great job with the episode. Keep up the good work.

    Bahzad (pronounced Bah Zod). 🙂

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