SeroSpectives: This Month in Technology for April, 2012

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Rick Harmon manages various email lists related to blindness and technology. He also runs the Blind Geek Zone website and Podcast. Since their launch in 2006, the site and podcast have served as portals to hundreds of free tutorials and demonstrations for  the blind community. While he did the majority of these, he has selected high-quality submissions by others for inclusion as well. In 2007, Rick began offering paid training and support services, both in person in his local area, and by phone.


Pratik Patel is the President and CEO of EZFire, a firm dedicated to promoting usability and accessibility to devices, web sites, software, and other electronic material. He is the current chair of the Information Access committee for the American Council of the Blind and serves as the President of ACB’s New York affiliate. His background includes legislation, access to assistive technologies, accessible books and other instructional material as well as many different forms of new devices. His Recent efforts include the implementation of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which includes accessibility to videos, interfaces to televisions, DVR’s, and other mobile software and devices.


Randy Rusnak is probably best known in the community for his work on the Accessible Devices Website and Podcast. He is the producer of that podcast, and is one of four co-hosts. Randy works as a tech trainer at the Lighthouse Center for Blind and Low vision in Duluth, MN, and Enjoys communicating – with people, his five dogs, and parrots. Other hobbies include playing with all manner of Tech devices. And old and new time radio




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Windows 8 Release Preview to Become Available First Week of June



Zello Brings Real-Time Group Chat to Your iOS Device

American Cancer Society Continues Information Accessibility Initiative

Publishers Call for Industry Cohesion on Accessible e-Books




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