SeroTalk Podcast 102: Squishy Dots

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 102: Squishy Dots

Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger welcome Joe Steinkamp back to this week’s podcast. After a brief discussion about Joe’s recent computer problems, the three of them tackle the news of the week.


Why Apple should abandon its ‘thermonuclear’ war against Android

iPhone Vs. Android Phones, Which One is Dominating the Market?

Feature Writer Steve Famiglietti – A Personal Journey Through the iPhone 4S

Hospitals Warn Smartphones Could Distract Doctors


Apple ‘Must Fix’ iPad Battery Issue, Study Warns

Apple: iPad charging fine, keep it plugged in

General Tech

Is HTC prepping an iPod Touch rival?

AT&T striving to retain customers through new loyalty program

Twitter bug makes it seem you’re unfollowing people

Google Drive due as soon as April

Harry Potter Flies Onto eReaders as Pottermore Store Opens

Windows 8 Release Candidate rumored for June, retail release in October


windows 8 narrator, provides hype and not hope

Volunteer for Exciting New Image Description Project!

A screen reader for everyone: why the world needs NVDA | Media Access Australia

Electroactive polymer key to durable full-screen Braille displays


Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan (Audio Described) – YouTube

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